Simplification of customs formalities

The Euro-Asian transportation project envisages the maximal simplification of customs formalities and the practical implementation of the idea of "green channels" for external trade and transit transport vehicles and cargoes.

Initially a number of large distribution customs warehouses will be set up at exit/entry points on national borders: the borders of the Russian Federation, Moldova and Turkey with the EU and the border of Kazakhstan with China etc. These warehouses will act as distribution centres. In particular, the lorry of the freight haulage company of one country, responsible for delivering the load to the national border (for example China) would be replaced at this point by the lorry of the company responsible for the next stage in the transportation chain (for example, Kazakhstan). Transportation between major "exit" and "entry" customs warehouses would be undertaken on a "without frontiers" basis, using the "green channel" principle.

The TIR system would be used as the basis for this simplification of border crossings. All the countries which would be crossed in routings from China to Europe are participants in TIR. It is anticipated that China will be signing up to the TIR convention in the near future. The new wide-scale possibilities of TIR will also be brought into play, such as "SafeTIR", the online tracking of deliveries within the framework of increased customs security.

Border crossings will be further simplified by the creation of "green channels" for bona fide haulage companies and exporters within Russia and Kazakhstan.

Advantages of the Euro-Asian transportation project:

  • Significantly reduced delivery times, due to removal of delays at border crossing points;
  • Increased vehicle turnover and effectiveness of transportation companies;
  • Guaranteed customs security from use of TIR system and its wider possibilities.

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