Electronic purchase of haulage services

The Euro-Asian transportation project will offer any exporter the opportunity of making a direct electronic purchase of international road transportation services to deliver their goods to purchasers in other countries and regions.

Using a simple user programme and the Internet, the exporter will be able to place an order for shipments on any route between China and the other countries of Asia and Europe and the CIS. The goods will then be delivered door to door by an international road haulage operator. This operator will have been granted access to the system by meeting the experience and reliability criteria. The freight costs will be set on a competitive basis (as the result of a tender) and therefore the exporter will always be offered the best possible rates.

Advantages of the Euro-Asian transportation project:

  • The quickest, easiest and cheapest method of arranging transportation of goods to any destination in Europe and Asia;
  • Orders can be placed using a personal computer at any time (24/7) and from anywhere in the world;
  • Electronic confirmation of placement of orders and immediate notification of any changes;
  • Economy of resources and time by abandoning old methods of arranging shipments, involving numerous intermediaries and shipping agents;
  • A whole range of supplementary services (beyond simply ordering and documenting a shipment), thanks to the use of electronic products;
  • Unified, transparent and clear standards of electronic paperwork and tracking for all types of goods and correspondence.

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