Interactive tracking information

The Euro-Asian transportation project envisages the opportunity for all exporter companies to track the movement of their cargoes at all stages of their journey. Tracking would be undertaken using modern telecommunications technology.

Using the Internet and special computer software, exporters will be able to use the electronic platform of the Euro-Asian transportation project to receive up-to-date information on the exact location of their shipment and its vehicle, border crossings, whether it has reached the customs warehouse etc. The exporter can easily track a specific cargo, by entering the container number or the vehicle registration.

Advantages of the Euro-Asian transportation project:

  • Increased reliability of delivery;
  • Ability to take timely action in case of unexpected difficulties or accidents;
  • Ability to set up business relations with partner companies, receiving cargoes;
  • 24/7 access to information about shipments;
  • Use of statistics to plan future shipments.

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