Road Delivery

The Euro-Asian transportation project envisages organising international road shipments along routes linking any point in China and throughout Asia with any other point in Europe and the CIS.

Cargoes would be delivered by road haulage companies who win tenders for each specific shipment. All road haulage companies would be eligible to submit bids, once they have met the criteria for reliability and experience, providing they are also members of the TIR convention. Any goods which can be transported by road (including containerised goods, requiring a specific temperature regime) can be shipped under this system. Shipments are made on the "without frontiers" principle, using the TIR system, which has decades of tried and trusted experience behind it. The electronic delivery of the accompanying transportation documentation can also provide for a reduction in waiting time at the beginning and end points of the shipment, as well as a simplification of the procedures for crossing borders.

Advantages of the Euro-Asian transportation project:

  • Significant reduction in delivery times between Asia and Europe, when compared with traditional maritime routes, since it is no longer necessary to transport shipments to and from ports and store and process goods there. The operating speed of road transport is also three times faster than that of maritime transport;
  • Reduction in operating costs of road haulage operators by using roads included in the international network of E and AH roads, with a developed infrastructure and existing agreed standards (weight, size etc.);
  • No delays at international borders, due to TIR procedures;
  • Guaranteed high ("European") haulage standards - high level of integrity of goods and timely delivery.

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