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The Euro-Asian transportation project will provide all its participants with the opportunity of obtaining all necessary information, as well as access to an electronic database for analysis and business planning.

For both the exporter and the haulage company, the ability to receive up-to-date information is crucial. This includes information about the conditions put forward by the haulage companies, their previous delivery contracts, road conditions and optimal routes, schedules, working hours of customs, periods of increased/reduced tariffs for the use of related facilities, and holidays and non-working days in transit countries. In addition, the electronic database will offer the opportunity of undertaking an effective economic analysis, as well as planning future business development. There will be a three-tier access to the database. The first level - "unlimited access" - will be available to fully-fledged participants in the Project. The second level - "client access" - will offer almost all of the advantages of the first level, with the exception of information about all completed haulage contracts and will be available to exporters in their information package. The third level will be purely demonstrational and will include all the descriptive information about the Project, the principal results obtained and future plans. This will be available to all those who visit the Project's website.

Advantages of the Euro-Asian transportation project:

  • Setting up of transparent conditions for the whole business community;
  • Economies of time and expenses from interested parties in searching for necessary information;
  • Increased attractiveness of the overland routings from Europe to Asia by attracting new participants from exporter companies.

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