Tenders amongst haulage companies for the right to use shipping routes

Under the articles of the Euro-Asian transportation project all contracts for the transportation of shipments between China and Europe will be subject to commercial tender. The use of the tender mechanism will establish a reliable and effective self-regulating system, which will provide the exporter with the ability to purchase high-quality transportation services at market prices, while also giving the haulage companies the opportunity to conclude advantageous contracts, some of which may be long-term. As with other elements of the Euro-Asian transportation project, the forum for concluding deals for transportation services will be electronically based.

A limited number of authorised participant companies in the Project will have the right to represent the interests of specific haulers and conclude contracts on their behalf for transportation services along the routes from China to Europe. In the course of electronic trading, the company that offers the most advantageous conditions will receive the right to conclude the contract. The tender mechanism will give haulage companies the unique ability to find return loads, which will increase the effectiveness of their business as a whole. Haulage companies participating in the Project will have to meet a number of requirements, amongst which will be membership of the International Road Haulage Association, TIR membership, a good credit rating with the customs and police authorities etc.

Advantages of the Euro-Asian transportation project:

  • A reliable, self-regulating system for concluding contracts for transportation services;
  • Increased effectiveness of haulage companies by concluding long-term contracts and finding return loads;
  • Establishment of set prices for transporting cargoes between China and Europe, which will reduce the exporter's transport costs and increase the appeal of the Eurasian overland route, as compared with alternative routes, thereby attracting additional sources of cargoes;
  • Increased transport and customs security, due to high standards required from haulage companies.

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