Electronic preparation of transportation and other accompanying documentation

The Euro-Asian transportation project envisages the wide-scale use of contemporary computer and telecommunications technology at every stage of the process and for all participants in the Project.

The basis of the electronic platform of the Euro-Asian transportation project will be a package of special computer software, which will manage the shipment and track the progress of cargoes to their point of destination. The principal software, which can be downloaded onto the client's computer, uses an Internet link to process a transportation order, review the order history and statistics, receive automatic status updates, as well as processing electronic transportation and accompanying documentation. All transportation and accompanying documentation is unified within the framework of the Project for any type of shipment and any destination. Digital signatures are accepted. Electronic transportation documentation is recognised by the governmental transportation bodies in all the countries via which shipments will travel on their route from China to Europe. Clients will be able to make copies of electronic invoices, bills of lading and other documentation, should they need to present them to third parties. Road haulage companies will be able to participate in electronic tenders for shipments under specific contracts and quickly find return loads. Amongst the most important elements of the electronic platform are the ability to take out insurance (for further transportation under the TIR system) and electronic payments.

Advantages of the Euro-Asian transportation project:

  • Unification of transportation and accompanying documentation;
  • Greater accuracy in compiling documentation and exchanging information. Ability to make rapid corrections to documentation, should mistakes or inaccuracies be found;
  • Setting up of an electronic database on all shipments made, with a convenient archive, search and statistical system;
  • Reduction of paperwork; reduction of labour costs on data processing;
  • Timely electronic presentation of documentation to all parties, which reduces vehicle waiting times.

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