Additional and Auxiliary Services

The Euro-Asian transportation project envisages a number of additional and auxiliary services. These will maintain an integral service and raise the standards offered by making the individual components work together more seamlessly, as well as initiating the impulse for developing the Euro-Asian transportation project in the future.

Most important amongst these services will be the clearing centre, which will aim to undertake all the financial transactions between the parties to the Project. It is envisaged that these transactions will be electronic, which will speed up payment times and mean that flexible financial reckoning can be used, thereby simplifying accounting procedures. The second important area will be insurance. All cargoes shipped under TIR must be insured. In addition, the field of insurance can be spread to include other areas, such as vehicle insurance, risk insurance etc. The third important block is the training and re-training of personnel working under the Eurasian Transportation Project. First and foremost, company managers (both exporter companies and haulage companies) need to be fully trained, but skill levels also need to be raised among the international long-distance truck drivers.

Advantages of the Euro-Asian transportation project:

  • Increased reliability and effectiveness of transportation links between China and Europe;
  • Economies in time and money of the interested parties in undertaking necessary additional and ancillary operations;
  • Simplification and increased effectiveness of payments between participants in the Project;
  • Increased qualifications and management standards in client companies and haulage companies.

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