Participants of the Project

Participants of Euro-Asian transportation project are Associations of International Road Haulage Operators, investors (cargo owners, financial institutions etc.), as well as companies offering insurance and telecommunications services.

International Association of Road Hauliers of Moldova was established and registred on August, 25 1992. Presently 329 transport companies authorized for TIR sistem are members of the Associasion

Georgian International Road Carriers' Association (GIRCA) was established on March, 31 1991. At that time, i.e. 15 years ago, the association was founded by 24 transport companies.
Presently the number of Members: 203
Fleet: 1500 vehicles

International Agroindastrial Fund (AgroInvestHolding) was established in 1995.
For the 11 years of activity AgroInvestHolding financed over 35 projects for the total amount of USD 55 mln.

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