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The main objective of the company is the renewal of the Great Silk Way - the international transit way, which had been functioning since the 2-nd century B.C. This Road has played a great part in approachment and development of nations which differed from each other to a great extent in the level of culture and economic development. The call for recreation of road haulage by the ancient route is grounded by the fact that in recent years the Chinese People's Republic has been turning into a leading trade power in the world and the flow of goods between China and European countries is growing unprecedentedly fast.

It is obvious that the road haulage of cargo between China, other Asian countries and Europe is at the start point of its development and undoubtedly possesses tremendous and unique potential in cargo volumes as well as in geography. The present Project deals with practical realization of global strategy, based upon the demand for road traffic between Asia and Europe. In the course of the Project's evolution and due to existing needs of cargo owners it is anticipated that the transport routes will be extended to the Northern America by utilizing maritime transports. The main aim of the Project is road haulage of cargo on the basis of electronic transport auction. However, as may be needed or in accordance with a special character of the cargo, our company can rapidly and professionally organize shipments of your goods by maritime transport, by railway or will offer multimodal traffic scheme.

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