About tenders

Tender is a competitive form of bidding; competition of candidates' offers in respect of their compliance with the requirements described in Tender documents.

Tender documents - a set of documents with the description of technical, organizational and commercial requirements of the tender. The organizer of the Tender worked out Tender documentation and sends it to all potential participants of the Tender. Tender documentation contains all major terms of a deal: name of goods or services, quantity, quality, price indication, terms of delivery, transit time, terms of payment, type of packing, specific requirements.

International Tender - or International Auction is a competitive form of disposal on the world market of requests for certain goods or certain services or attraction of sub-contractors with the aim to achieve goals and objectives of the Customer at the best possible commercial conditions of goods purchase or services.

"EATp" is going to participate in international tenders concerned with the development of the Great Silk Way.

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