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Public corporation "Euro-Asian Transport Project"(EATP), was founded in 2006. Its chief objective is to meet the demands of shippers, carriers, and forwarding companies in timely and reliable freight carriages, and also to reduce the time of delivery with the help of the multi-channel platform of electronic business set up to serve transport traffic, road transport in the first place, on the routes China/Asia - Europe.

The project combines traditional modes of haulage with fundamentally new solutions in information and business that offer the carriers stable consignments, and the consignors - shorter time of delivery as compared with traditional haulage by sea, lower costs of transportation and reduced overheads, and, the main thing, making it possible to save on the time required to look for freights for shipment and vehicles to be used.

The prerequisite for the project has been the rapid growth in China's trade and investments in its economy, with the PRC turning into the largest trade partner of the European countries, the U.S.A. and the C.I.S.

The current system of freight delivery by sea from China to Europe, and the alternative option of haulage by road transport along the New Great Silk road
  1. Delivery of freights by rail (motor-road) transport from Chinese freight originating points to Chinese sea ports in the east of the country.
  2. Freight delivery by sea from Chinese ports to ports of Europe.
  3. Freight carriage by road transport from sea ports to end consumption points in Russia and Western Europe.
  4. Alternative: the route of freight delivery "from door to door" by road transport from China to Europe.

The intensive growth of manufacturing industries in China has brought about a rapid expansion of freight traffic from China in the directions of Russia, Western Europe and North America.

This process on the market of transport services has resulted in an objective need for development of freight carriage by road transport between Europe and Asia. The main criteria in this area are speed, guarantee of delivery, safety, no reloading, delivery from door to door, and acceptable costs of delivery.

The core of the project is the electronic commerce platform for transport services. The project is intended for transport companies and cargo owners in the PRC, Europe, the U.S.A., and CIS, and also for forwarding companies that purchase transport services in electronic trading and obtain the full range of services, including information concerning the required transport and forwarding documentation, the freight carriage, and offset arrangements.

The electronic techniques used in the services offered by the project minimize the resources and time that the participants in the project need in order to find the necessary information on freights for shipment and vehicles to be used. Application of the EATP electronic platform implies large-scale employment of modern information and telecommunication technologies in drawing up and signing the orders and contracts for freight carriage. The participants may also have access to electronic registration of freight insurance.

The founders of the project are a group of national road transport associations in the CIS and Baltic countries, and a number of financial and investment companies.

The project is open for participation to transport companies that meet the requirements of a "good credit history" from the point of view of the customs and law enforcement agencies, and participate in associations of international road transport carriers and the TIR system.

The project includes the following basic structural elements:

  • Electronic purchase of carriage services;
  • Freight delivery by road transport;
  • Electronic processing of transport and accompanying documents;
  • Simplification of customs procedures;
  • Interactive information on the passage of the freights;
  • A tender system for the suppliers of transport services;
  • Application of an electronic data base on carriage operations both accomplished and in progress.

An additional package of services may be offered as the project expands.

The Euro-Asian Transport Project provides the following advantages:

  • Employment of the fastest and least expensive method of carriage documentation;
  • Orders for the purchase of a service are accepted 24 hours a day 7 days a week;
  • Saving time on goods deliveries thanks to employment of road transport;
  • High quality of carriage by road transport, with only reliable road transport companies allowed into the operations;
  • Electronic mailing of documents to all interested participants in the haulage;
  • Reductions in downtime of vehicles at border crossings and unloading points through creation of "green corridors";
  • Access to information concerning the passage of the freight - round the clock.

The participants in the project direct their efforts towards facilitating in every way the development of international road transport haulage between Europe and Asia, and supporting measures to simplify border crossing and to remove the barriers on road transport routes by setting up "green corridors".

In accordance with the plan of the project's implementation, it is envisaged that auxiliary systems to support the carriages will be put into operation, such as logistic and customs provisions, measures to ensure security of carriages, etc.

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